Technology Inspiring Greatness Globally
A free video-driven interactive career exploration platform
A safe and private career-based platform for our schools and businesses.
Students are migrating through school without an understanding of the careers available to them or the necessary skills expected of them for a chosen career path.
Our schools are resource strained and ill-equipped to build a business network to meet work force objectives.
We believe the most effective way to support our school's career development objectives is to bring national and local businesses, professionals, role-models and industry leaders into the classroom virtually.
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Clarifying education objectives
Students learn how their education impacts their future career opportunities as they engage in the stories, successes, skill requirements, and career insights of industry professionals.
Protects the Teacher - Student Relationship.
Brings industry into the classroom.
Delivers knowledge, hope and opportunity.
Creating Opportunity
Tiggbee bridges the gap between Education and Business
Young people become disconnected when schools are in communities with little or no industry.
Many of our students are hindered given the economic or geographic barriers that exist.
They feel invisible and forgotten. Frustration and cynicism grows.
Tiggbee eradicate these barriers by providing these schools, at no cost, a safe virtual classroom to business network representing every industry to connect and engage with.
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We develop Hope...
by helping our youth find the path to their dreams
Our Mission is to empower our students regardless of economic or geographic barriers with the hope and knowledge of the opportunities to be happy and successful individuals.
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